5 Things You Can Do To Make a Difference This Earth Day


On April 22nd every year Earth Day marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern Environmental Movement. Now, although every day should be Earth Day. The 22nd April is the perfect day to make a change. Perhaps you already have made changes to help protect the Earth, what better day is there to speak and spread the word! 

If you are struggling for some inspiration here are a few simple ideas that will all make a difference to our environment. 

1. Gardening and Planting 

This one may sound a little strange at first but even planting trees and flowers in your own garden will help. Trees and other plants give off more oxygen and are a real help to the environment. They will also help make your garden look amazing this Summer. 

2. Say Goodbye to Single Use Plastics 

Drinking bottled water or maybe a quick drive through coffee a couple of times a week. Invest in a re-usable bottle. Not only do the single use bottles end up in landfill or our oceans the manufacturing process that goes into creating them is extremely harmful to the environment. The UK alone currently uses 10 million barrels of oil each year just to produce water bottles.


Take the car to work? Why not try cycling or walking? If you have a particularly long commute maybe you and some colleagues can share a lift. The fewer cars on the road the better for everybody. 

4. Reusable Bags 

A real simple one. Invest in reusable shopping bags. Easy for everyone, saves money and the environment. A no brainer. 

5. Shop Organic 

Organic farming is better for the environment because its practices involve less pollution soil erosion, and energy. Eliminating the use of pesticides in farming also benefits nearby birds and animals and people who live close to farms.