A “Lockdown” Mothers Day

Some Gift Ideas This Mother's Day

This Mother’s Day is going to be more than a little different to last year. So with some of us not being able to even see our Mothers this Mother’s Day we decided to share some ideas with you for that perfect “Lockdown” Mother’s Day gift. 

Letter Box Flowers

These flowers are carefully hand packed and sent in bud to help them last longer. As the name suggests they are boxed so they fit through regular letter boxes. Most also come with styling tips to make the arranging part of the fun. 

Salon Gift Voucher

It seems like we have all been waiting an age to visit our favourite hair or beauty salon. Why not treat you Mother to a voucher for her favourite salon, ready to use when it re-opens. As well as treating your Mother to a great gift you will also be supporting a local salon. Which will be very much appreciated in these strange times. 

Food Hamper

Usually go out for a nice meal to celebrate Mother’s Day? This is far from the same as sitting around a table enjoying nice food and each others company, but it’s the next best thing. There are even businesses who will deliver a cooked breakfast, afternoon tea or cooked dinner. 

Pamper Package 

Don’t want to wait until the salons re-open. We don’t suggest trying to give yourself a trim or colour but a bit of TLC wouldn’t hurt. Why not treat your Mother to some hair care products? A nice mask, shampoo or conditioner can make the world of difference.