Benefits Of Using Angel Potion

What is Angel Potion?

My Organics Angel Potion leave-in cream provides absolute silkiness, detangles hair immediately, improves the manageability, deeply hydrates without weighing hair down. The cream repairs and protects hair and prevents the formation of split ends. It protects from the use of hairdryers, straighteners and curling tongs. Maintains hydration and improves the hair structure.

What Does Angel Potion Do? 

Prevents Split Ends

 Adding Angel Potion to your hair care routine will not only prevent
the formation of split ends but will also help fight off frizz

Detangles Hair

One of Angel Potions best qualities is its ability to detangle knotted hair. Perfect for all hair types and a god send for parents of children with long hair! 

Heat Defence 

A benefit of Angel Potion that often gets overlooked. The Heat Defending qualities make it the perfect all in one product to add to your routine. 

How To Apply Angel Potion?

It couldn't be easier to apply Angel Potion. Simply add a little to towel dried hair, wait a minute for the potion to work its magic, and continue to dry and brush through. 


"Angel Potion hair mask has truly become my fave leave in treatment."
"What I love the most other than the amazing smell, is that it doesn't weigh my hair down or make it feel stiff and crunchy like other hair masks. My hair absorbed this product up immediately and I noticed a difference from the first time I tried it. My dry and damaged ends felt so much softer and looked a lot better"


"Great product, feel the effect after one use"


"I haven’t found a better product yet, hair is gentle, definitely recommend it"