How to Get Rid of Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair is a problem for most of us. Getting rid of frizzy hair isn’t as simple as applying one ‘miracle’ product. You need to make changes to your hair routine.

Here are some tips to reduce the frizz and some of the products that will help you do it!

  • Pick Your Shampoo Wisely
  • Conditioner is Your Best Friend
  • After Washing Routine
  • Mask Over the Frizz
  • Defend Against Heat

Pick Your Shampoo Wisely

When fighting frizz you should choose your shampoo carefully. Shampoos filled with sulphates will dry out your hair. This is the opposite of what you need to help keep the frizz at bay. Shampoos with hydrating qualities are best. Look for shampoos with Keratin. Keratin is perfect for fighting frizz! Keratin shampoos will help smooth out frizz and add more shine.

Here is a link to the MY.ORGANICS, Sulphate free, Keratin Shampoo

Conditioner is Your Best Friend

Sticking with the theme of keeping your hair hydrated a good conditioner is a must. Be careful not to overdue it though you don’t need to condition every time you wash. Also take it easy around the scalp to avoid the scalp becoming greasy.

The MY.ORGANICS Hydrating Conditioner is an excellent way to fight off frizz and lock in that moisture.

After Washing Routine

The work doesn’t stop after you get out of the shower. Locking the moisture in after washing is a great way to keep your hair frizz free! A leave-in conditioner is the perfect product to do this.

The MY.ORGANICS Leave-in Conditioner is perfect for locking in that moisture. The natural ingredients packed inside will also leave your hair smelling incredible

Mask Over the Frizz

Applying a hydrating deep conditioning mask once/twice a week will leave your hair feeling soft and healthy and is a brilliant way of keep frizz at bay. Apply the mask to wet hair and let it do its job by leaving it in the hair for 7-10 minutes before rinsing. Our Miracle Mask is one of best selling products and you can view it here.

 Defend Against Heat

Heat is the nemesis of frizz. Over using heat tools such as dryers and straighteners is not good for fighting off frizz. So as well as curbing the use of heat a little add a heat defending product to your arsenal to protect your hair. Our best selling product Angel Potion, will not only defend your hair against heat it will also help detangle your hair and leave it shiny and soft!