Why Hair Masks Are So Important

Using a hair mask is an important part of any hair care routine. During this blog post we will cover why hair masks are so important and how to apply them. 

What Do Hair Masks Do? 

  • Moisturise Hair 
  • Nourish Hair 
  • Improve the Health of Your Scalp 
  • Increase the Strength of Your Hair 

What Hair Types Benefit From Hair Masks? 

In a nutshell, everyone. Using a hair mask once or twice a week benefits everyone. However those with curly, frizzy, damaged or dry hair will see the biggest improvement.

How Hair Masks Work

All hair masks work in a similar way. The MY.ORGANICS hair mask is ideal for a deep regeneration and reconstruction. It restructures the fibre making hair softer, shinier, brighter, and more silky. It helps to maintain the hydration of the hair. It provides intense nourishment without weighing the hair down. Additionally, it gives thickness and improves the manageability and combability. Suitable for all stressed, treated, ruined hair. Also good for after colouring treatment or bleaching. It provides shine and improves colour duration. It stimulates the hair healing improving the look from the first application.

Hair Masks vs Conditioners

Hair masks do what conditioners cant. Hair masks have a higher concentration of nutrients and penetrate deeper into the hair. Conditioners work on the surface of the hair and are meant for daily use. 

How to Use a Hair Mask

It really couldn't be easier! Apply the MY.ORGANICS Conditioning Mask by applying a generous amount all over the hair and scalp. Leave for between 5-15 mins depending your hair type. For an even more penetrating treatment cover with a hair net/cap. Then simply rinse away!