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Organic Colour Protect Conditioner 1000ml | My.Organics

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A Colour Protect Conditioner | Make That New Colour Last Longer 

  • Helps Keep Cuticles Smooth to Lock The Colour Pigments Deep Into The air
  • Contains UV filters to Protect Hair From Fading
  • Helps Colour Last Longer

Why Organic Conditioner is Better?

  • Free of Sulphates
  • Free of SLES
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Eco-Friendly

Organic Colour Protect Conditioner 1000ml | My.Organics 

The My Organics after colour protector is a special technical restructuring product formulated with a low pH (3.5) level to bring back hair and scalp to the correct pH value. It's studied to re-balance hair and scalp after a chemical treatment. It's good for natural, coloured, treated, ruined hair. It's a hydrating treatment for hair that are ruined because of chemical and mechanical treatments. It's also good for thin and even oily hair, and regenerates natural softness giving brightness and thickness. The result protects and revives highlights increasing shininess and duration. You'll have a deep and intense colour.