Organic Hydrating Hair Glaze 200ml | My.Organics - My Organics

Organic Hydrating Hair Glaze 200ml | My.Organics

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Organic Hair Shaping Glaze | How to Apply

Apply to towel-dried hair evenly to add moisture and sheen. Ideal for curly hair although can be used on all hair types. Blow-dry after application or allow to dry naturally.

Organic Hydrating Hair Glaze 200ml | My.Organics

The My Organics Hydrating Glaze, with soy and oat, enriched by natural extracts of peppermint and eucalyptus, ideal for shaping all types of hair. Gives body and brilliance to the hair without drying it out and without leaving flakes on the scalp. Its restoring properties are perfect on long hair to curl them or make them wavy. Soy increases the health of fragile and thin hair and helps to reduce hair loss. Oats promote melanin’s production and so it is healthy for the scalp and for the hair’s strength helping them to keep a shiny and uniform color. The minerals contained in oats moisturize and prevent hair aging, giving hair body and volume.