Organic Thickening Conditioner for Thin Hair 50ml | My.Organics - My Organics

Organic Thickening Conditioner for Thin Hair 50ml | My.Organics

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A Conditioner For Thin Hair and Greasy Hair

  • Thickens Each Strand of Hair
  • Keeps Hair Moisturized
  • Helps Combat Greasy Hair and Scalp

Why Organic Conditioner is Better? 

  • Free of Sulphates
  • Free of SLES
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Eco-Friendly 

Organic Thickening Conditioner 50ml | My.Organics

My Organics Thickening Conditioner contains only rich and natural ingredients, formulated to detangle and protect dry, coloured and chemically treated hair. Its concentration of highly nourishing and revitalising elements leaves the hair perfectly soft, protected and moisturised.

Mango moisturizes, nourishes and regenerates the cuticle, the protective barrier of the hair. Soothes, smoothes and gives shine to the cuticle. It also prevents split ends.

Rose essential oil is used as a treatment for fragile and damaged hair or for dandruff-prone scalp. It instantly enhances hair’s solidity and makes it appear more healthy and vibrant.