Dry Shampoo | Do's and Don'ts

Just before the turn of the year we launched our very own Dry Shampoo. A good Dry Shampoo is a 'must have' product for anyone who wants to save time, fight grease and help the environment. We have put together a few "Do's and Don'ts" when using your dry shampoo, to maximise results. 

What is The MY.ORGANICS Dry Shampoo?

Formulated with rice extracts, Argan oil, and desert date oil, the MY.ORGANICS dry shampoo gives freshness to the hair. The powders inside absorb the sebum present and helps to avoid the greasy effect that can occur between one shampoo and another.

Why is Dry Shampoo Good For The Environment? 

Like any MY.ORGANICS product, THICKENING DRY SHAMPOO is formulated with organic ingredients and created with DME, a colorless gas not considered harmful to the environment.

- No Butane
- No Parabens
- No Formaldehyde
- No SLS

Now on to the Do's and Don'ts 


Brush it Through 

Once you've sprayed on your dry shampoo your work is not done. To avoid, build up and residue brush through to remove excess product. 

Use a Hairdryer

Once applied a quick once over with the hairdryer will help spread the powder to work its magic all over. 

Use as a Styling Product

You don't just have to use your dry shampoo as a quick fix for dirty/greasy hair. A good dry shampoo is great for adding volume to up-do's and many other hairstyles. 

Finish With a Shine

So your all set, dry shampoo application complete. Not quite. Finish off with a shine spray on the mid-lengths and ends, this will help your hair look smooth, glossy and full of life. 


Its Not The Same as Shampoo

Don't be fooled. You can just go through life using dry shampoo (we wish). Dry shampoo doesn't clean the hair or scalp. Instead just use it as part of your overall hair care routine. 

Its Not Just For The Roots

Don't just spray on the roots or along your hair line. Focus on the roots by all means but don't forget the rest, This way you will get a far better result and create the illusion of an all over wash. 

Keep Your Distance 

We have heard this a lot over the last 12 months, but with dry shampoo this has always been the case. Shake well before use and spray the product on dry hair at about 15-20 cm distance, directly to the roots, while separating the locks of hair to cover the whole head. Leave in for 2 minutes, while massaging the hair and scalp, then brush thoroughly (also with your head upside down) to remove powder residues. Style your hair as wished.